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Horse Boarding & Arena At Canyon Creek Stables Near Lumsden

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CC Stables Horse Boarding & Arena

Located in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley on the West Side of Lumsden

CC Stables is a facility which caters to all levels of Equine enjoyment. We have Arenas both indoor and outdoor for riding with boundaries. We also have over 300 acres of valley land for country riding around the river and on the trails.

We opened in July of 2016 and will continue to expand the amenities for our boarders to enjoy. Our goal is to incorporate clinics and fun gatherings along with monthly trail rides throughout our beautiful valley land. All are welcome!

Our pastures are generous in size so that the horses have room to move around and we don’t over-crowd our pastures. We put two to three horses per pasture.

All paddocks have automatic waterers and clean shelters. Our hay is home grown, and we feed with nets and raised off the ground on hay cradles.

We have farrier and vet services available. We do not require you to use our farrier if you wish to use your own.

Watch this video to get a bird’s eye view of our property!

CC Stables Bomb Proofing Clinic

Bomb Proofing Clinic 2023 at CC Stables was an amazing success! Thank you to all our borders, friends and family who attended and helped organize it.

(Click on the photos below to enlarge!)

Previous Years Bomb Proofing Clinic Photos

(Click on the photos below to enlarge!)

Pictures of our youngest competitor, Madison and her horse Sky. They did amazing! And Sky is brand new to Madison which makes this event even more successful for her!

Pictures of Steve and Amber. I think everyone was surprised at how well Amber did and no explosions!

Pictures of Taylor and her sweet horse Bailey. This horse would go through fire for her momma!

Pictures of Pat and her one of her gorgeous horses Mickey, you will see pics again of Pat with one of her little minis Timbit, later in the pics.

Pictures of Judy and her trusty stead Sir Lancelot aka ( Lance) This little guy is over 20 years old! And does several tricks for his Mom, a real spunky fella.

Pictures of Vanessa and her gorgeous horse Captain Hook aka (Hook) who survived the course but questioned some of the obstacles lol but he trusted his momma and went through it all!

Pictures of Marie France and her gorgeous horse Rosy. Marie France also provided a gourmet lunch for all of us!

Pictures of yours truly and my handsome boy Banjo.


Just a few examples of what people are saying about us and our facility…

“Lynda and Steve are very easy to talk to and really do treat your horse like one of their own.

With the new arena finished and other things in the works, I’m looking forward to many years here. The setting is a bonus and nothing beats a trail ride around the property on a nice day.”


“Lynda has just started teaching my son, and she is phenomenal with him. My boy is very gentle, and she accommodates to him very well! We look forward to the next rides ahead of us.”

C-Kay Pell

“Beautiful facilities, fantastic view and Linda and Steve are two of the most fabulous, caring people you could ever be lucky enough to know! I know my Boon is in great hands and they are going above and beyond with his care while I’m gone!”

Tanya Janssen

“Lynda and Steve are both amazing people that go above and beyond for the care of every horse on the property! We have been boarding at CC stables for the past 4 years and what has kept us there for so long is the amazing people and the knowledge Lynda has for equine nutrition and health. My horses are fed only the best hay! All three of our horses have never been so happy and healthy and it’s all because of the quality CC stables provides them!”

Vanessa Magnin

“CC Stables is a beautiful facility, run by equally as wonderful people. Lynda opened up her facility for me to temporarily use while my gelding was recovering from the acute stages of an accident. She paid special care to my gelding as if he were her own. Always helpful, and there when you needed! I would recommend CC Stables to anyone without hesitation! Thanks again for all your help, I look forward to seeing you in the future no doubt!”

Annie Sluarchuk

“Beautiful facility! Very relaxing atmosphere, horses always have hay and are well taken care of! My horse has heaves, can be an anxious, and is prone to ulcers but you’d never guess because of the incredible hay quality and calm environment!! I’ve been at CC Stables for over a year and a half now and I’ve never had my horse feeling so good!! The pen size is huge and gives the horses the ability to really stretch and move out freely! I’m so thankful to have discovered CC Stables, it’s so reassuring to know your horse is loved and well cared for!!”

Jaclyn W

Services we offer

We love everything equine. Here are a few of the services we offer…

Horse Boarding

Our facility is home to indoor and outdoor arenas, covered shelters, large pastures, farrier services, and much more! We provide many amenties and services included in our boarding service.
See them all here.

Equine Clinics

CC Stables hosts a number of equine clinics throughout the season. These clinics help teach equestrian first aid and what to do in emergencies. For more information on these clinics please see the course details.

Equine Assisted Learning

Introducing Marie-France Magnin — Facilitator, Coach and Entrepreneur

Instructor for Equine Assisted Learning, Founder of Reflection Pathways and Certified Life Coach.

I am in the business of helping others attain their goals and in finding their path in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with Gillian-Barre syndrome that left me paralyzed. Through that journey, I started to fully understand how our mental health is as important as our physical health. I fought hard to walk again and although that was a hard challenge, the mental challenges I faced and what I learnt about personal growth through that experience was harder. Going through that experienced helped me to realize I wanted to support others in their own journeys.

I established a personal coaching business in 2016 where I focused on helping others deal with their past traumas, deal with change, and help them grow in many aspects of their personal and professional lives. I realized how much more I could help others by combining my love of horses with my desire to help people. This led to me being certified as a facilitator at Equine Assisted Learning. I believe that horses are the ultimate life coaches, as they provide honest and unbiased responses to individuals and to a group’s energy. A horse can understand someone’s intentions, actions, and body language. I see everyday how horses help individuals to be a better person. I am fortunate to work with horses and love that I can share this experience with other people.

I have facilitated personal and professional development programs and workshops, during that time I have seen first-hand the benefits of having people and horses work together for personal growth.

Programs offering:

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Life-Skill program
One day, Team Building
Two days, Women Empowerment Workshop
• And much more

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Boarding Rates & Services

With our service you get the following benefits and amenities

Covered Shelters

Our newly renovated paddock has covered shelters and waterers to keep your horse out of the elements and safe.

Nutritional Needs

We have an onsite equine nutritional specialist who can work with you to find the perfect balance for your horse. 
* Our hay is home-grown and organic.

Large Pastures

Your horse will roam in our provided large and safe pastures. We also have outdoor and indoor arenas.

Horse Trailer Storage

Don’t have a place for that horse trailer while your horse is boarded? We can store your trailer for you, no additional cost.

Jump Standards

We provide jump standards for Hunter/Jumper riding in our outdoor or indoor arenas.

Outdoor Arena Access

While your horse is boarded with us, you are able to access our 140×200 outdoor arena.

Large Box Paddocks

Our box paddocks are 13×13 inside the barn for any convalescing required. The horses like the size too!

Valley Trail Access

Our land is located in the Qu’Appelle Valley, which is home to many beautiful valley trails for country riding.

Indoor Arena Access

Our facility has a large 176×70 arena, which you can access. The arena also has individual locking tack rooms.

Wash Stall

Our barn has a large indoor and outdoor wash stall accessible to you with all the proper equipment to get your horse clean and shiny!


We have clean washrooms on site for you and guests, so you don’t have to hold it while you visit your horse.

Mezzanine Access*

We are working on a new mezzanine for extra storage if needed.

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