Equine Assisted Learning

Introducing Marie-France Magnin — Facilitator, Coach and Entrepreneur

Instructor for Equine Assisted Learning, Founder of Reflection Pathways and Certified Life Coach.

I am in the business of helping others attain their goals and in finding their path in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with Gillian-Barre syndrome that left me paralyzed. Through that journey, I started to fully understand how our mental health is as important as our physical health. I fought hard to walk again and although that was a hard challenge, the mental challenges I faced and what I learnt about personal growth through that experience was harder. Going through that experienced helped me to realize I wanted to support others in their own journeys.

I established a personal coaching business in 2016 where I focused on helping others deal with their past traumas, deal with change, and help them grow in many aspects of their personal and professional lives. I realized how much more I could help others by combining my love of horses with my desire to help people. This led to me being certified as a facilitator at Equine Assisted Learning. I believe that horses are the ultimate life coaches, as they provide honest and unbiased responses to individuals and to a group’s energy. A horse can understand someone’s intentions, actions, and body language. I see everyday how horses help individuals to be a better person. I am fortunate to work with horses and love that I can share this experience with other people.

I have facilitated personal and professional development programs and workshops, during that time I have seen first-hand the benefits of having people and horses work together for personal growth.

Programs offering:

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Life-Skill program
One day, Team Building
Two days, Women Empowerment Workshop
• And much more

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